Teeth whitening gives many people a real boost to their confidence. In today’s world, where appearance is extremely important, having the confidence to smile without worrying can be invaluable. Those in certain age groups or professions especially might feel their lives turn around after teeth whitening. Of course, this process can be done properly or by other means.

Many products offer do-it-yourself applications which promise professional results. These can lead to huge disappointments and possibly permanent damage. In fact, professional teeth whitening treatments are excellent value for money, as well as truly effective.


The Safest Procedure

Some people are slightly unsure about whether to have their teeth whitened. There are over the counter products such as strips and caps which are temporary at best. There have also been examples of untrained and unqualified “technicians” carrying out this work.

When applied by a dental professional, modern tooth whitening products are perfectly safe. They use the same active ingredient (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) as hair dyes. This makes perfect sense, as hair and teeth are made of keratin, which reacts to peroxides.

There is much less keratin in tooth enamel than in hair, however. This means it is easier to whiten. Professional whitening involves protecting the gums with a shield, so the active ingredient doesn’t touch them. Once this is in place, a specially made tray of whitener is placed on the teeth. This stays in place for 30 minutes per treatment. There are usually 10 daily treatments in all.


Longer-Lasting Results

Once the tray is in place, the teeth whitening agent breaks down naturally and allows oxygen into the tooth enamel. This is what gives teeth their white look. Once this has taken effect, the look is permanent.

It may take a couple of treatments for changes to become obvious, but the effect will soon show through. After a full course of treatments, teeth are permanently whitened. Exactly how white depends on a number of things, and can change over time. People’s teeth vary in shade to start with, and there are factors such as diet and age to consider.

Over time, food, drink and perhaps smoking will inevitably have a darkening effect. Of course, there’s no reason you can’t have your teeth whitened more than once. As long as you receive treatment from professionals, you can ensure a safe procedure. Your dental professional will advise you of the best course of action at all times.


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