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At Suncoastdental, we want to ensure every Sunshine Coast resident receives the dental care they deserve. That’s why we work with local consultants to deliver flexible payment plans that work for you. We want every patient to walk out of our Maroochydore clinic with a smile on their face, so whether you need dentures, fillings or teeth whitening treatments, we’ve got you covered!

Payment & Health Funds

Medical History Form

To ensure the Suncoastdental team can provide you with the best possible treatment, please print a Medical History Form. This way you can complete it prior to your first appointment.

Specifically designed for clients having Medical & Cosmetic treatments

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Terms & Conditions

After an initial consultation, Suncoastdental will prepare a written treatment plan showing recommended treatment, costs and the number and frequency of appointments to achieve your aim. Appointments can be structured to suit your budget. If you have private health insurance, you can check with the fund as to your out-of-pocket expenses. At every visit, payment is expected at the time of treatment.

Payment Methods

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Health Funds

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