IV Sedation Dentistry

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Stress-Free Dental Procedures

Do you avoid visiting the dentist due to fear of pain and discomfort? If a visit to the clinic is a stressful process for you, come and experience the Suncoastdental difference today! Located in Maroochydore, our qualified team are passionate in changing the common perception of dental visits, aiming to always provide an anxiety-free experience and minimising pain wherever possible. As soon as you walk through the doors of our state-of-the-art clinic, you’ll be greeted by our warm and friendly team, in a space that is comforting and relaxing.

If you struggle with stress and anxiety associated with dental visits, have a chat with our dentists today. We can offer you Sedation to help alleviate and minimise pain as much as possible. Whether it’s simple fillings, dental restoration or root canal treatments, we’ll be able to accommodate the procedure and help sort out your dental problem efficiently.

What Is Sedation?

To assist anxious patients, we’re able to administer Sedation prior to your procedure. Sedation or twilight dentistry is a technique that involves administering a sedative intravenously, which means the sedative is infused within your bloodstream to minimise pain. Unlike general anaesthesia, the effects of Sedation will come into effect much quicker and your dentist is in full control, able to adjust your dosage at any given time. If you suffer from side effects from general anaesthesia such as nausea, vomiting, sore throat or drowsiness, Sedation is an excellent alternative.

Sedation is often highly recommended for patients who have lower pain thresholds, traumatic dental experiences or if they require lengthy and complex dental procedures. The method earns its name of twilight dentistry as it tends to put patients into a twilight-like sleep, helping anxious patients relax as they become less aware of their surroundings.

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The Sedation Process

If you believe you require Sedation prior to your dental procedure, your dentist will be able to arrange it for you. The sedation process can be completed by our Registered Medical Specialist Anaesthetist at the comfort of our own clinic. Firstly, a thin needle will be inserted into a vein in your hand or arm to begin administering the sedative. For patients that have low pain tolerance or fear of needles, a numbing cream can be applied.

Your dentist will then monitor the effects of the sedative and only begin the treatment if we believe you are ready. At this point, you should be undisturbed by noises, tastes and smells of the procedure, and remain completely unaware of any needles or dental instruments in your mouth.

After Sedation

Once we complete your treatment, the effects of the sedation should also wear off. It’s completely normal to feel a little sleepy afterwards and our anaesthetist will make sure your body responds well, allowing you time to rest before discharging you from our clinic. Patients who opt for Sedation usually have no recollection of the procedure and no nasty side effects. However, we do recommend all patients to have a family member or friend to escort you home.

If you believe you require Sedation prior to your treatment, get in touch with the team at Suncoastdental today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will be given instructions prior to your appointment by our receptionists. You can’t eat for 6 hours and only drink water for up to 2 hours prior to your appointment.

Sedation effects differ from person to person. The most common feelings are drowsiness and relaxation. Once the sedative takes effect, negative emotions, stress, or anxiety may also gradually disappear. You may feel a tingling sensation throughout your body, especially in your arms, legs, hands, and feet.

Yes, you will, however it isn’t administered before you are asleep.

IV sedation is often referred to as ‘sleep dentistry’ or ‘twilight sleep’. Once the sedation is administered you will feel a state of deep relaxation and won’t be bothered by what’s going on. You will remain conscious and able to understand and respond to requests from your dentist.

You should be able to go home as soon as you feel well enough to. For most people, this will be within an hour. If you have sedation, you’ll need someone to take you home and stay with you for at least the next 24 hours, as you can’t drive, drink alcohol or sign any important documents.

It takes from 6-24 hours depending on how long it takes your body to break down the drugs.

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