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Treatment For Sleep Apnoea — Suncoastdental In Maroochydore, QLD

What Is Sleep Apnoea?

If you’re not sure who to see for help about your sleep apnoea issues, you may be surprised to learn that the dentists at Suncoastdental can help! Based in Maroochydore and servicing clients throughout the Sunshine Coast, we can provide tested and approved anti-snoring appliances designed to improve your sleeping.

Sleep apnoea is a sleeping disorder that causes a person’s throat to partly or completely close off while they are asleep, causing them to stop breathing. Breathing can stop for anywhere between a few seconds to up to a minute, at which point your brain will send a small signal to cause the person to snort or gasp, then drift back to sleep. In most cases, the patient is unaware of this process, but will wake up feeling tired as it can happen multiple times a night to interrupt your sleep. Sleep apnoea mostly affects middle age or older patients who tend to snore, are above a healthy weight and have a family history of the condition.

What Treatments Are There?

If you’re wondering why you need to visit the dentist for a sleeping disorder, that’s because sleep apnoea can have big implications on your teeth. From gum disease to worn, cracked or broken teeth, these symptoms mean your dentist is often the first person to diagnose your disorder. At Suncoastdental, we can supply our patients with a special mouthguard to wear while you are sleeping that can protect your teeth. Ideal for patients with mild sleep apnoea, our new, tested and approved anti-snoring appliance can be easily fitted to be worn comfortably during the night.

An excellent alternative to a continuous positive airway pressure pump (CPAP), our anti-snoring appliance is designed to keep your throat open by bringing your jaw forward. This can help to relieve snoring and is fitted to suit your unique needs. For more information on our sleep apnoea appliance, book in a consultation with our dentists today.

Treatment For Sleep Apnoea — Suncoastdental In Maroochydore, QLD
Woman Snoring While Sleeping — Suncoastdental In Maroochydore, QLD

What Are Some Complications?

Apart from poor sleep, sleep apnoea can also cause other health problems if left untreated. These include an increased risk of having high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, as well as:

If you experience symptoms such as waking up with a headache, insomnia, loud snoring, or gasping for air during your sleep, book an appointment with the team at Suncoastdental today. We’ll be able to determine whether you’re suffering from sleep apnoea and recommend appropriate treatment.

Comprehensive Dental Treatments

If your teeth had been affected by sleep apnoea, such as a broken, cracked tooth or even gum disease, our dentists will be able to provide professional remedies. From fillings to dental restoration, as well as scaling and polishing treatments by our qualified dental hygienists, we’ll ensure your teeth is healthy and in the best condition possible whilst we assist you in treating your sleep apnoea. For more information regarding our services at our Maroochydore clinic, get in touch with our team today to schedule a consultation and receive a tailored treatment plan.

Our Sleep Apnoea Treatment Facility — Suncoastdental In Maroochydore, QLD

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