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How are natural tooth fillings better?

Nobody likes going to the dentist for a filling! But even with the very best treatment, and the most fastidious oral hygiene, some of us do develop cavities. Thankfully, however, going to the dentist for a filling is no longer a scary or painful experience.

Amazing breakthroughs in science and technology have helped make dental procedures faster, more effective and practically pain-free – especially if you opt for twilight sedation. Another improvement welcomed by dentists and patients alike, was the introduction of tooth coloured fillings.

For decades we had no choice but to have those dark ‘silver’ fillings – or amalgams. But the materials available to dentists today enable us to enjoy the many benefits of a more natural tooth coloured filling.

Generally, tooth coloured fillings are made from composite resin, carefully restored by our professional dentists, and shaped to fit the tooth. The major benefit of a tooth coloured filling is, of course, cosmetic. As the name suggests, the materials used blend with your own teeth to create a natural look, without that flash of silver from the amalgams. Most patients say that having replaced their old fillings with tooth colored fillings, they feel more confident and smile more often! And that has to be a good thing!

Tooth Coloured Fillings Are Really Great

Natural tooth fillings are available in different shades, to match your own teeth, and a clear sealant can be applied for increased durability.

In fact, this is such a great solution for successful restorative dentistry that many of our patients have elected to have their old amalgam fillings replaced with tooth coloured fillings.

This is personal choice, of course – the dentist will discuss the pro and cons beforehand. The treatment can be spread out over several months to make it more affordable.

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