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IV Sedation Dentistry is a great alternative to General Anaesthetic

There are some patients who sail through their dental appointments without a care in the world. But for some, for reasons they can’t always explain, a trip to the dentist can be extremely stressful. In fact, some patients have been known to put up with an uncomfortable toothache, rather than getting it painlessly remedied, because they have a phobia about visiting the dentist.

But as with most phobias, there are ways around it. At Suncoastdental we want our patients to experience a painless and effective visit – which is why we use twilight sedation. Twilight sedation dentistry has been a major breakthrough in caring for patients who are anxious about receiving treatment, and can be used for everything from simple scaling and polishing to more invasive procedures.

If this is new to you – and sounds too good to be true – you may ask, what is twilight sedation? Twilight sedation is an anaesthesia technique where a mild dose of general anaesthetic is administered to help relieve anxiety and minimise pain. The patient is not unconscious, but sedated. You will feel relaxed and sleepy and pain-free.

The Process To Carry Out The Sedation

The sedation is carried out intravenously in our rooms by a Registered Medical Specialist Anaesthetist experienced in this technique. Your dentist will not start your treatment until you are properly sedated. At that point you will be undisturbed by the noises, tastes and smells of the procedure, and unaware of needles or dental instruments in your mouth.

There has been much research into using general anaesthesia vs twilight sedation, with the latter being far superior for many procedures. If you’ve ever experienced general anaesthesia, you may remember how groggy and nauseous you felt afterwards, perhaps for several hours. You are unable to drive yourself home so will require an escort.

Twilight sedation has a very short recovery period and generally, no nasty side effects, such as nausea and vomiting.

Patients who opt for dental sedation usually have no recollection of the dental procedure and they can go home after resting in our recovery room for a couple of hours.

Twilight sedation is now available in Maroochydore at Suncoastdental, as part of our comprehensive range of dentistry to meet all your oral health needs.

It is important to us that you feel safe and comfortable during your visit to the dentist, and that you receive prompt and effective treatment when needed, with no fear or anxiety.

If you think twilight sedation dentistry can help you, please give us a call or drop in for a chat

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