Happy Gas | Relative Analgesia | Suncoastdental Sunshine Coast

patient at suncoast dental receiving twilight sedation before dental procedure
Happy gas (nitrous oxide) is available at Suncoastdental for your comfort. Relative analgesia, as it’s known, will make treatment far less uncomfortable if you’re feeling anxious or simply don’t like the noise of the drill. It also works a treat for younger visitors experiencing their first trips to the dentist.

If you’ve never been in the care of the gentle dentists at Suncoastdental and are new to the luxuries of relative analgesia, the experience will probably be a breakthrough moment for you. Relaxed in the chair, with no anxiety, you’ll realise that taking care of your oral health is something you will no longer need to avoid. The result is better oral health and more confidence.

Book your appointment today and ask our receptionist about the Happy Gas option for your visit. Relative analgesia takes a little extra time, so we need to know when scheduling your appointment.

Let our team provide you with a more comfortable & relaxed dental visit

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