In the busy commercial centre of Maroochydore, people know it pays to shop around.

As the bustling hub of the Sunshine Coast, there is an awful lot of choice about.

What people don’t usually think of shopping around for is dental care. A good dentist may not be high on many people’s list of priorities, as they stick with what they’ve got.

In fact, good dental care is something that should not be taken for granted. Luckily, there is excellent care available in the area.

If you’re in Maroochydore and looking for a dentist near you, look no further.

Expert Help

Modern family dental surgeries offer a wider range of services than ever before.

Modern technology and customer focus have made dentistry a truly forward looking profession. As medical science places more emphasis on good oral health, families are taking this advice seriously.

As recent research showed that only half of Australians brush their teeth twice a day, there is some way to go.

Looking after your oral health can mean much more than brushing your teeth.

There are treatments available which transform people’s lives in many ways.

Cosmetic dentistry is one of these; the importance placed on appearance today makes this a very popular treatment.

Even simple procedures like replacing old fillings with tooth-coloured ones give people extra confidence.

Hygienists are rightly being recognised as important dental professionals.

Regular hygiene treatments can make a huge difference to oral health. Gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss and can lead to much worse.

Dental hygienists help prevent this and many other common oral problems. This in turn reduces the need for expensive treatments.

Useful Solutions

If you’re worried that a dentist near you might be too expensive, payment plans are available to ease such concerns.

A useful family dentist will work in partnership with insurance and other forms of dental plan providers.

Provider Preferred Dentists have satisfied those providers that their services are of a very high standard.

High quality dental cover is provided by HCF, CBHS and NIB health funds.

Holders of Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Cards can also access the best dental care.

For children, Medicare’s Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS) provides essential support which families find invaluable.

With this help available, it should be possible to look after your entire family’s oral health without worry.

Having a dentists on your doorstep which covers all these bases is a real bonus, in more ways than one.

Low travel expenses and less time off work or school pay extra dividends for most families.

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